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Webinar: Key Risk Indicators in Clinical Trials - Best Practices

Key Risk Indicators in Clinical Trials - Best Practices

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Are your role connected with the controlling the quality, performance or risks of clinical trials?

Join our upcoming webinar about Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and you will know:

- The ideal number of KRIs for a study - number of KRIs for each phase
- How do you sort them - TA /study/program level?
- Categorizing the KRI - Leading / Lagging / both?
- Should a KRI serve as a proof-point - Y/N? How do you decide?
- Documenting when a KRI has been retired - the criticality of the same
- Defining the thresholds - based on what?
- Why, when and how should the KRIs fire?
- Too many KRIs firing - oh no!
- Co-KRIs?
- Are KRIs dynamic?
- Defining the frequency of measurement - the implications of getting it wrong
- Defining the algorithms
- Getting the interpretation right
- Getting the RCA and the action items right
- KRIs / QTLs - what is the difference?
- The consequences of getting the KRI story wrong!
- Learn about a new scientific project - KRI Wiki

And much more...

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